Welcome to our Digital Film website. This site will be a great source of communication, filled with things like homework assignments, class schedules, announcements, and so much more. Be sure to check back often and see what is going on!


About Me

I am Stan Bindell and I'm teaching Digital Film. This is my first year teaching at Mingus Union High School after 23 years teaching broadcast radio and video, and print at Hopi High School. The focus on my Digital Film classes at Mingus are both short films and news such as features and sports with a focus on the school news as well. We have posted one video about the Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards and plan to post several more in the coming weeks. I was a working journalist for more than 20 years before switching to education. At Hopi High, my media won state awards every year and some national awards. I hope to bring the same notoriety to Mingus Union High School.

I continue to work as a free lance writer for the Navajo Hopi Observer and I have a background performing a blues radio show. My past students also made music videos and I hope some of my current students will do that as well.